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The Biotechnology Centre, University of Yaounde I Prof. Wilfred Mbacham

Prof. Wilfred Mbacham holds two doctorate degrees, one in the Molecular Parasitology and the other in Tropical Public Health (Harvard). He is an Associate Professor at the Biotechnology Center (BTC) of the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon. In the past, Mbacham characterized the biochemical properties of the cuticle of the filarial worm that causes river blindness and set up a monoclonal antibody antigen capture-based diagnostic test for Onchocerca volvulus, the causative agent for this disease. At Harvard, his studies involved the tropical deadly scourge – malaria, in which he characterized the cis control (putative promoter and termination) sequences of genes in the gametocytes and merozoites of Plasmodium gallineaceum and P. falciparum. In Cameroon his interest turned to the molecular profiling of the diversity within the Plasmodium biomass and the molecular epidemiology of drug resistance in Malaria and TB. Funded by the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, the World Health Organization, Geneva, the European Union (BioMalPar) and the Gates Malaria Partnership at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, he has provided important clinical and safety data for policy considerations for past and newly introduced anti-malarial drugs in Cameroon. He serves as a regional contact point for the Contact Point Network for young African scientists funded by the EU, as resource person in public health for the National Malaria Control Program in Cameroon and coordinates the WHO MIM-TDR anti-malarial drug resistance network. He is the current co-Chair of the Malaria Advocacy Working Group of the RBM Partnership Secretariat (2007). Besides his science pursuits he has founded and heads a development organization in Cameroon, the Fobang Foundation that promotes science and health and has won numerous awards in managements and science notably; The Leadership award in 1994 from the Harvard School of Public Health, The Albert Schweitzer Award for Intellectual Achievement and Service, 1997; The Managerial Competence Award of the Federation of African Immunology Societies, 2000; The Award for Excellence in Leadership and Conference Organising, 4th MIM Pan African Malaria Conference.

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